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2016 E3, the electronic entertainment Expo
From GamesiGames
Every year in Los Angeles enchanting exhibition E3. It's incredibly colorful show, which represented a large-scale game presentation and future projects. Along with Hollywood, E3 gained popularity, which is funded by millions of dollars. Today we reveal some of the most striking novelties with a spectacular [...]
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Parkour in an open world
From GamesiGames
Absolutely free and extremely - non-stop movement in a futuristic world will open a new video game Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the release of which is planned by the company in may 2016. Mirror's Edge is a Catalyst to restart the game Mirror's Edge, released in 2009. Adventure game in first person that offers to [...]
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
From GamesiGames
The Witcher is an amazing and iconic work, the cycle of novels of the legendary Polish writer, writing in the fantasy genre, Andrzej Sapkowski. The series of these novels has become a solid platform for creating a popular TV series, topical performances of the rock Opera, writing interesting comics, as well as the [...]
Battleborn 2016
From GamesiGames
May 2016 promises to please gamers and those more advanced observers, the bold and impressive shooter Battleborn. Proven the creators of enchanting the computer game Borderlands, Gearbox Software, the company that produces fantastic story about saving the last planet in the Universe of the Almighty. The [...]

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Games have become indispensable companions of our everyday life. Mankind has always played, since prehistoric times. And the first games were sentient beings - a ritual. Then, with the development of civilization, people began to complicate and develop the play, introducing interesting details and corrections. In our time, the gameplay was improved and became a fun part of our lives.

Computer games is one of accessible forms of entertainment of choice in our days, 70% of the world population. This kind of game originated five decades ago. The story of the first computer entertainment was the movies and the books bestsellers, then invent new stories. The first platforms for computer games were the mainframes and EDSAC computers primitive. These days, the gameplay has improved and has adopted a realistic, multi-faceted way. Now a computer game can be multiplatform, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, is divided into numerous genres, and is also classified by the number of players.

Game consoles - famous entertainment for gamers. Game console is an electronic device that is purposefully designed for video games. As an independent display, game console uses a TV or monitor. Since 1972 emit 8 generations of gaming consoles, which are the game systems from the Atari 2600 and primitive to modern super SHIELD Portable. Large momentum of demand has gained browser-based games that do not require additional installations, but only on the overt on approach browser. These computer games are accessibility and functionality. 3D support provides the ability to create high-quality and full-scale games, which use a valid right from a browser.
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