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Game Agar. IO the Hunger games online

Join a fascinating multiplayer game that conquered the entire world of gaming. The two-dimensional essence of the game is to control the mouse or keyboard, in order to absorb the largest number of small pellets. These pellets uncontrollably appear on the map and are in a chaotic location. Also, in the vast expanses of the map, moving a lot of other circles. Try not to collide with these objects, otherwise they will absorb all your efforts and would have to start entertaining hunting pellets. For a more successful passing game, try to adhere to some specific strategies. The first stage involves the weight to 150 is eating colorful food, division into 2 equal parts, and the ability to hide behind the thorns from large bacteria.

The second phase of the strategy involves the weight from 150 to 1000. Here you absorb the opponents who are 25% less of your weight. This needs to be done and he put the victim in a deadlock or attack by dividing their mass.

The third stage of the strategy - weight of 1000, eating objects, 40% more than their own weight. Drove the enemy to the thorn, you will shoot through it by pressing W. The thorn is broken, and will break the enemy object you will be able to absorb the parts.

And, the fourth strategy is to unite two or more users and team attack the other enemy balls.

Controls - mouse, keyboard.
Played: 3637

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