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Game Age of War 2 online

Complete the entire evolution of military battles with fiery and fearless flash game. You will witness the thrilling battles, ranging from primitive society is not easy, and the last space wars. Under fresh music you start the battle. Become a chief strategist for online games, because you have to choose different eras of soldiers and push them in a brave battle. Also, pick up the appropriate weapon to your regiment got to the center of the opponents. Levels flash games are fun to flow from one century to another. Led the procession with the mouse, choosing warriors, weapons and additional methods of killing enemies. Feel like a fearless warriors fought bravely different centuries. The game will help raise the level of historical knowledge, as soldiers appear to us in the time characteristic appearance and martial weapons. Online game brilliantly suited for fans of historic battles that took place eons ago and also battles taking place in modern times.
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