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Game Counter Strike Flash online

In this game you have to fight with a group of terrorists who are terrorizing the city and residential neighborhoods. They literally crawl out of their corners and try to get you. The main time to neutralize the enemy before he could shoot at you. Do not forget to reload, because ammo you as much as possible due to technical capabilities specifically used weapons. Reloading keystroke R. You would think that with one gun, go against the whole gang - it's stupid. And you'd be right! What would you change weapons with a gun on the machine, or vice versa, you must use the keys 1, 2. Buttons correspond to the following weapons: 1 key - the gun Desert Eagle, 2 key - it Rifle M4, key Q - a sniper rifle, key F - is a grenade. In order to hide behind a brick wall, you must press E.
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