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Game Firefighter online

Flash game Fireman - a benefit for the fearless heroic rescuers. You will find many fires to which you do not immediately get picked up by. The game is a logical nature, where you reflect on the course of action, will be looking for interesting options out of the problem. You will have the urgent supply of water for the fire burns out. Be thrifty and do not waste water rescue just. Moving into a new round of your water supplies are replenished. The game attracts interesting graphics. If you are adventurous and fearless, and the difficulty you only harden, then this online fun for you!
Controls: move the mouse to the desired position extinguish a fire, and pressing the left button - let the water. Also, look for the subject that will help get to the hard to reach areas of fire and click on it with the mouse.
Played: 500
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