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Quests - it is adventure games, one of the main, are included in the category of online mini-games. Quests are interactive stories in which the main character is present, which can be controlled. Quests, elements of the game is the history and examination of the world within the game. A key actions in the game are unleashing puzzles and intricate tasks requiring mental stress gamer.
Games in this category will become popular among boys, and to a lesser extent for the girls, because they do not have a special focus on a specific audience. Usually in games quests can find a way out of the room or rooms, look for all sorts of objects and things. And in the games quests can help people to spoil or vice versa.

In fact, passing games quests challenge. You will have to strongly consider bezporno head to solve simple puzzles are not related with the environment around. And this is one of the amenities of these games. After all, how much, in the end gives us the joy of the event is that we were able to achieve their goals, solve this riddle and find the exit and win! In the category of quests very large selection of games on this topic, and all because GamesiGames continually adds new games quests, and most importantly - only the best!

Millions of users have made the game a favorite pastime quests that involves the player in the mysterious process logic trains and develops special care. Go to the funny world quests in which your intellect finds a particular application.

GamesiGames picked the most interesting games quests that have attractive graphical format, colorful, quality and intriguing sense. Only here you will become a skilled tracker and detective leading the investigation very interesting.
Category quests gives special preference exciting quest, where you will search for the desired object, the key to the room, found clues to compare and find the right solution. Searches held in lavish mansions, restaurants, prisons, circus, on the ship and in other attractive locations. Quest games are expanding consciousness and activate the processes of the brain.

Category quests rich online best games where you will certainly look for the most favorite for myself and for the whole family. Offers the most mysterious lure original story and the ability to solve the problem anyway. Only for over scrupulous and attentive user submits a super selection of quality quests, try and enjoy the process.