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Strategy games online are the best workout of your abilities intelligence. Every year these games category replenished more and more new products, the best of which are collected on GamesiGames. One of the main features is the duration strategies, they are almost impossible to finish. You will have to develop a civilization, build towns, develop military tactics to manage farms and factories.

The virtual world of online strategies contributes to the fulfillment and realization of your wildest thoughts and desires, here you are sure to become a great strategist. These games are accustomed to weigh and ponder ahead every next step. Build your own prosperity world without money and resources from their way to the starting point. At the same time, be a wise ruler or a fearless warrior, a skilled craftsman or a farmer diligent - it's just your personal choice.

Games category strategy conventionally divided into three parts: military, economic and Strategy-fantasy. Each genre has its own advantages and game selection is due only to your wishes and preferences. Come on GamesiGames, play and reach the top in strategy and tactics.

Become the commander in chief of the majestic warrior, where your ability to develop a strategic action plan to save mankind from the annoying enemy invasion. Manage a brave warrior and a powerful military equipment, arrange them in strategically important areas and launch attacks. Led military aircraft and helicopters, to hone skills of air attack, which also come in handy skill to your strategic actions. Also, in the enchanting Strategy Games category you will manage powerful solar systems to calculate the unique action to capture planets. You will attract the magical power of space and planets you will certainly feel like a master of the world.

GamesiGames prepared a great adventure for the brave knights who rescue the kingdom from enemy attacks. Feel the power of their strategic action, because your ability to save the inhabitants of the majestic kingdoms.
Strategy games attract the most determined users who can independently take over important decisions and tirelessly fight for the trophy winner.